I’ve been planning on changing my website’s look for a while, but I wanted to get just the right mix of features and simplicity. I hope you consider this a great improvement, both in aesthetics and usability.

The theme is called Ribbons. Overall, it’s a great theme. I really enjoy optimizing/tweaking pre-built WordPress themes so I’ve edited it since installing last night:

  • Added Matt Mullenweg’s Random Image Script so that if a post doesn’t have a featured image, a random image from a certain directory will be shown. Otherwise it was an empty image area – terrible for the spot of my site that attracts the initial attention.
  • Changed the slider to pull from all categories (not just the selected 1), to only pull 10 posts (loads quicker than pulling all posts in the theme’s selected category), and to pull randomly (so the first slider posts aren’t the same as the most recent blog posts shown right below the slider).
  • A lot of the random images that I am using are from Microsoft Office Images. I shrunk and then added borders to make the dimensions 315 wide by 190 height. Otherwise, the theme stretches the images.
  • Narrowed the logo/blog title area so my specific blog’s information wrapped the way I wanted.
  • Added theme support for Aside and Gallery post formats, although I haven’t done anything with them yet.
  • Changed the single.php’s thumbnail display to be the ‘slider’ image size (315×190) instead of the ‘post-image’ size (125×125). Why use the same 315×190 image in a 125×125 image slot? It crops it if you do.
  • Renamed “Set featured image” to “Set featured image (315w x 190h)” using WPSnipp’s function.
  • Made the slider’s post title a link but not a blue-colored link.
  • Made the Twitter and Facebook links open in new windows.
  • Added a header banner at the top of the site.
  • Added footer text – MLS Disclosures in my case.
  • Changed and added some of the theme’s footer text and links.
  • Added Open Graph meta data

And probably some other stuff in the future…

Overall, I’m very pleased. Comment below to let me know what you think about the changes.

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