Although my blog hasn’t been very long-lived yet, I wanted to let you know about some important updates to the blog and the theory behind it.

Firstly, I’ve researched and tested many WordPress options. All this monkeying around has led to some new ideas and realized limitations for quick fixes, but pushing the limits is fun; it makes us better. Most importantly, I got my hands dirty (and tired and cramped) and implemented some solutions that I’m proud of in the short amount of time I was working.

Secondly, I thought through the focus and audience of this blog and did a mini-survey and was happy to hear the feedback. The background setting looks like this:

  1. Blogs are about sharing knowledge and information while attracting and keeping people’s attention.
  2. I’m a real estate professional. I’m tech professional. I’m a business professional. I’m an educator. I’m a listener. I’m a helper.
  3. Limiting the content of this blog to real estate topics made me feel contained and a little sad. I am a unique person with a blended set of skills, and a wide range of people visit.
  4. The lines between personal and professional lives have been blurring consistently in this Information Age. Clients want to learn about my abilities and experiences as a professional but they want to know about me as a person too. Real estate is a very personal industry. All kinds of personal situations, points of view, and past experiences are intertwined with a real estate transaction.

Lastly, the result looks like this:

  • The blog’s focus has broadened from just real estate to just about anything. The tone of the posts can be a little more casual as well, not needing to be written like newspaper or magazine articles.
  • My ActiveRain blog was originally designed to be techie for real estate pros and this blog to be for real estate clients and consumers. The focus of this blog is no longer limited. We’ll see how my AR blog turns out.
  • The blog keeps its position as my primary real estate website. I hope you like the new layout.
  • The blog will be more relevant to its current visitors because they have a variety of information needs.
  • The blog will be more relevant to a wider range of visitors because the additional topics and content can help people who don’t immediately need real estate information.
  • The blog has some cool features, mostly behind the scenes. One of my favorites that you can enjoy is the Meebo Bar integration. See the bar at the bottom or click and drag a photo to see it pop into action.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to share.

Thanks for being a part of my life–online or in person, I’m the same ol’ Cliff Paulick.

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